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How do I seek representation from People Store?
Great question! We are a referral-only agency and do not accept direct submissions, walk-ins or drop-offs. We do accept referrals from an acting coach, manager, etc. who can reach out with your materials on your behalf.

Do you represent babies?
No, we do not start representing children until they are about four years old.

Does People Store work on casting extras?
We do not. Extras are currently seen and cast through dedicated casting agencies.

I’m interested in a for-credit internship with People Store – how can I learn more?
Give us a call! We will connect you to our Internship Coordinators, who will steer you in the right direction.

I’m a producer/casting director and I want to contact the Commercial department – who do I reach out to?
Send us an email with the project details at commercial[at]peoplestore[dot]net. Please note that no new talent direct submissions sent to this address will be considered.

I’m just getting started – is there anything I can do to start my acting career off right?
Yes! We have a resources page with some excellent headshot photographers, acting classes, coaches and more!