Dikran Tulaine
Justin Welborn
Mark Fite
Natalia Livingston
Dolan Wilson
Mimi Gould
Billy Woods
Lowrey Brown
Joshua Bolla
James Donadio
Nick Arapoglou
Linden Ashby
Vishal Patel
Elizabeth Diane Wells
Kelly Collins Lintz
Miranda Dyer
Sandy Delonga
Christy Carlson Romano
Aviva Leigh
Chase Stokes
Shane Jackson
Mickey River
Emmy Argo
Atkins Estimond
Wilbur Fitzgerald
Steve Coulter
Trevor Johns
Paul Wilson
Dean West

About Us

Launched in September of 1983, People Store has been at the forefront of the entertainment industry – opening the boundaries between Atlanta, New York and LA. Based in the heart of Atlanta, People Store represents a large and proudly diverse roster of the most seasoned talent for film & television, commercial, industrial, print & voiceover opportunities. Together our team advocates for the investment and development of storytellers from all backgrounds to elevate Atlanta’s contribution to the evolving film industry. As a company, People Store seeks to maintain its legacy of excellence by operating at maximum efficiency and effectiveness while prioritizing relationships with our clients.

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